Have you ever sat through endless scrolling credits after a film, speechless, while you processed your thought and feelings? Hundreds, if not thousands, of those disappearing names contributed towards these profound moments of transformative experiences. Timeless films are excellent examples of deep collaboration between multidisciplinary teams of highly skilled craftspeople, working to create moments that transcend the audience to the story world and subtly move them through the journey of films’ protagonist/s.

Filmmakers are master collaborators that literally bring together teams of multidisciplinary casts and crews on the same page of the scrip. Great filmmakers challenge and inspire technicians to become artists and actors, to become immortals through the “power of the story”.

Many years ago, my screenwriting lecturer famously told us during our very first day at the film school, “One thing is certain about filmmaking, that everything you have planned will need to change because it will rain tomorrow”. Filmmakers mastered the art of embracing uncertainty many decades ago, when there were no weather apps, by being truly agile.

In this talk, I will draw from my lifetime of study and exploration of the art and craft of filmmaking. I will demonstrate, using examples from classic films, how motivated and inspired multidisciplinary teams collaborate to bring the vision of a cinematic project to life and transcend audiences around the globe to the story world. I will share what leaders can learn from masters of the ultimate collaborative art of filmmaking.

Anoar Ahmed