The inaugural Australian Regional Scrum Gathering took place in 2013, to address Australia’s need for a hub in which it’s Scrum community could come together. Since then, the annual Scrum Australia Gathering has become worldly recognised as a world-leading conference for Australian organisations and both the Australian and wider Scrum community: to teach, learn and discuss the latest work practices, in the quest to improve and adapt the world of work.

The Scrum Australia experience involves:

  • Workshops and sessions, for both beginners and the more advanced practitioners, that are always of the highest calibre and encompass the latest trends;
  • Due to our success, we attract both local and international keynote speakers and inspirational session presenters;
  • Open Space: an ongoing session that will run for the duration of the conference that display self-organisation at its finest; and a
  • Coaches Clinic: offers participants complimentary coaching with some of the most recognised accredited Scrum coaches: from both Australia and overseas.

All of the above is encompassed within a warm, friendly environment that will have you coming away with the feeling that you have just spent the last two days with a few hundred of your closest friends.