Stop setting up projects and start moving to a product based operating model

“Got funding for an idea? Great let’s set up a team” is an all too familiar path that many organisations follow. They may “tinker” with agile and set up “agile teams”, but continue to build their operations around ‘project funding” and siloed structural hierarchies, that have complex governance at the apex, from which all decisions flow down. As the lessons of COVID pandemic of the last year have highlighted, organisations are quickly facing the reality that what may have helped them succeed in the past, may not serve them now. A new strategy is needed.

Moving from a project to a product-based model is vital for business agility; when a more modern way of operating is needed to link strategy to detailed organisational design.

Mia will examine the elements of an operating model and discuss the Operating blueprint model she developed for a large retail wholesale organisation.  This model helped this organisation to start the process of moving away from a traditional project-based model with its associated rigid organisational structure, to one that was product based and shifted the focus from deliverables to value. We will discuss how an agile operating model will help you achieve this as well as examine a blueprint for changing.

The topic will cover the 6 elements in an agile operating model including: accountability, structure, governance, talent, metrics and behavioural expectations, and show how these elements all work together as a bridge between strategy and operations.

Rethinking how and where critical work gets done may sound daunting, but organisations that apply these elements are able to make the important changes—and address the biggest pain points.

The slides to this presentation can be downloaded HERE