Shelvia Loveridge


Shelvia is an agile team member – ever curious and connecting the dots on the various aspects of life; in the quest to continually improve and grow. Her curiosity pulled her toward agile over 8 years ago, and her passion for community fuels her exploration. Her wide range of experience across operations, application management, change management, scrum master, delivery, and product ownership, landed her as a chapter lead in the Telstra Enterprise Data world. Being a natural arranger, she enjoys contributing within a dynamic environment, where she attempts to unpuzzle the area into a Marie-Kondo approved setup, for optimum collaboration. Since her 2019 altMBA’s experience, she has committed to “dance with fear, seek out emotional labour, and do the hard part first”, which manifested in the #littlemsconnectingdots stories and lessons share in LinkedIn. This is a practice she has benefited immensely from and heartily recommends to all (just like presenting a Scrum Australia Lightning Talk).

We first came to meet Shelvia through her continued and enthusiastic participation during our Lightning Talks. Now we’re excited to hear from Shelvia in her own Lightning Talk.

Shelvia presented My Agile Story in our Lightning Talk Session 5 on 31 August, 2021