Renae Craven


Renae Craven has over ten years of experience, coaching large organisations through their transformation to an agile way of working, including the understanding and establishment of roles, development of cross functional teams and improvement of supporting practices. Renae has also affected cultural change, by coaching individuals to adapt to an agile mindset from an individual or fixed mindset.

Renae is a strong facilitator, and is passionate about building delivery teams that can self-organise, to achieve commitments and hold themselves accountable for all outcomes.

Renae presented with us at Scrum Australia 2017.  We’re thrilled to have her present after her acclaimed presentation of this topic at the Global Scrum Gathering in Vienna in October 2019.

Renae will be presenting: Embrace the Storm, unlocking your organisation’s agility by harnessing the turbulence of Agile transformations

Renae’s talk will also be included in our Lightning Talk Session 3 on 21 June, 2021