Peter Didlick


Pete likes to have a laugh. He believes that having fun is a highly effective element in creating and maintaining engagement. He started his career writing C++ code, building a CAD program to help engineers place lightning protection units on the tops of buildings. He has worked around the globe with transportation companies, creating systems to aid in logistics.  After a short, and not fun, experience with a very large international organisation, he has spent the last 14 years with The Smith Family, providing technical leadership and systems to support the organisation’s work to help disadvantaged children get the most out of their education, so they can create a better future for themselves.

Peter is an Agile coach and a strong advocate for GSD. Pete’s Agile experience started in 2006 implementing XP techniques, followed by Scrum within the different technology teams at The Smith Family.  He is continuing with The Smith Family’s Agile Transformation Initiative, which began in late 2017. Recently Peter has been working closely with the senior and executive leadership at The Smith Family, to facilitate the application of a mindset based on the Agile values and principles; to daily iterations as well as quarterly and longer-term road mapping.

Peter will be presenting: Purpose and passion over money and managers