Niki Petousis


Hi, My name is Niki Petousis & I’m a certified Agile Coach & Scrum Master who helps individuals, teams, missions and Execs alike understand Agile, it’s tools, processes and frameworks. Together we discover pathways for them to adapt to change, and new ways of working. Gifted in communicating and facilitation, one of my key strengths is empowering coping with the change mechanism from within. As an innovative thought leader and servant-master, I have extensive experience in motivating and coaching agile teams and Executives alike.

I facilitate Human Centred Design Workshops, using techniques specifically tailored to drive customer outcomes and allow teams to pivot and continuously improve.  My English teaching background has gifted me with skills in breaking down complex strategies, theories and information into bite sized understandable ‘bits’ so people ‘get it’.  This has afforded me the luxury to teach & tutor in various countries. My unique presence enables me to deploy an array of effective communication skills and agile strategies that influence at interpersonal, departmental and organisational levels. Working in culturally diverse organisations is where I thrive, and I look to champion diversity across these organisations. I listen first to understand and then to resolve. When presenting counterarguments, I ensure that I am equipped and informed.

As a person who lives with a Category 1 Disability, I’ve been a keen supporter and contributor to the TelstrAbility team since Jan 2020, but have only just in November stepped up into the Lead.  I do some pretty cool volunteer work with an ICU unit & also work with underprivileged kids; that’s quite humbling & grounding. My adult children [twins] are discovering their own paths and lives but are a joy to be around and spend time with.  I’m an avid heirloom gardener and am into food preservation and creating flavour profiles.

Niki will be co-presenting the workshop: Disability inclusion in Agile work environments with Catherine Seal, Brady March & Denise Mardikis

Their talk was included in our Lightning Talk Session 2 on 20 May, 2021