Nik Ilich


Nik is an experienced business improvement professional.  His background is in Lean Thinking and Agile Delivery, spanning multiple industries including mining, oil & gas, banking & finance, health care, professional services and IT. He specialises in process management & optimisation, agile delivery management, Lean & Agile coaching, data analysis and systematic problem-solving. He is co-founder of Fire & Flint, a boutique management consultancy based up in sunny Brisbane, that sparks change in the fields of business improvement, leadership and strategy. Besides enjoying the benefits of living close to some of the best beaches for surfing in the country, Nik is hugely passionate about working with people with diverse experience and perspectives to deliver outcomes that matter. 

Nik will be co-presenting: Changing the way we change – leveraging a combination of Lean, Design, and Scrum to facilitate a large scale process transformation with Rowan Walsh and Victoria Hutchison

Nik & Rowan also presented their talk in our Lightning Talk Session 5 on 31 August, 2021