Melinda Harrington


Melinda is a self-described Agilist, Scrum Master and Agile Coach. She also lists speaking, writing, blogging, volunteering, and being a Support Worker among her many accomplishments.   She is a passionate believer that we can always improve the way we work. Melinda began her Project Management career creating award-winning software for children with disabilities. She transitioned into managing the development of websites, from books to wine, and everything in between. She transitioned into a role as Director of Project Delivery for Viator, an Australian Start-Up, that was purchased by TripAdvisor. Melinda currently work as an Agile Coach in Hireup’s Product Team.

Melinda presented at Scrum Australia 2017.  It’s fantastic to have her back in 2020.


Melinda will be presenting: Choice and Control, how Hireup’s Empowering Vision aligns with Agile Principles

Her talk will also be included in our Lightning Talk Session 2 on 20 May, 2021