Martin Kearns


Martin Kearns is a pioneer in the field of Agile.  He was one of the first three certified enterprise coaches in the world by the Scrum Alliance. He was also accredited as an Agile expert by Dr. Alistair Cockburn and has been a practitioner in Agile methods for over 12 years. He has spoken at numerous Australian and International Conferences; with his thought leadership on Agile Contracts recognised through selection as a speaker at Scrum Alliance Global Gathering in Dublin in 2017.

As Chief Digital Officer of Innodev, Martin has been examining the significance of “agile” in becoming an operational mindset for the future of work. He believes that by understanding the power of emergence, organisations will be able to create a supporting operating model that harnesses that energy and sustains it through new practices and techniques.

Martin will be presenting the workshop Failagility: The Business of Imperfection with Stacia Heimgartner Viscadi