James Brett

James Brett describes himself as an Author, CTO and digital leader who is passionate about developing people and organisations to create a positive future for humanity.

His latest book, Evolving Digital Leadership has recently been published (July 2018) and has been extremely well received by digital leaders across the globe.

James has worked in digital for 20 years, initially as a highly technical developer and more recently performing various roles as a CTO, Digital Strategist, and Leadership Coach for executive teams. He holds a global perspective on digital, having lived in the USA, UK, China, and Australia, allowing him to understand the complex cultural and market dynamics that impact technology and product delivery across continents.

James is also a certified Leadership Agility Coach, Integrative Enneagram Coach, Neuro-semantics NLP Master Practitioner, and Holacracy Practitioner. He leverages this unique combination of psychology and digital skills to grow high-performance teams, leaders and organisations.

James presentation is: Disruption Master: How ScrumMasters can facilitate and build disruptive teams