Craig Brown

Craig Brown is one of Australia’s most recognised voices in the Australian Agile community.

Craig started working with Agile practices in 2003. Since 2013 he has worked at Melbourne based Saas product company Aconex, which rapidly grew and was recently sold for $1.6Bn. At Aconex Craig worked with product development and operations teams across four continents focusing on increasing collaboration and improving the way the global team operated.

Craig can provide consulting advice, has written and delivered training Agile courses for multiple Australian universities, run private training, facilitated hundreds of workshops and runs successful lean and agile conferences.

Craig brings

  • Over fifteen years’ experience with Agile practices
  • Experience scaling agile teams across 28 teams, four continents and ten cities
  • Leading, Consulting and coaching within Agile contexts since 2007
  • Written and delivered Agile training courses since 2011
  • Run hundreds of workshops and events
  • Advancing the practice through the development of new frameworks, running conferences and other industry events

Craig’s session is: 8 steps to collaboration