Christian van Stom


Christian is an innovative agilist, who is passionate about the real world application of Agile values and principles across disciplines. He is a lifetime learner and is either enrolled or chasing down his next learning opportunity.

He has personally worked with a range of disciplines including: People and Culture, Software Development, Business Intelligence, Product Development, Customer Service, Operations, Content Production, Sales and Marketing. Christian enjoys engaging at all levels, providing expert advice, coaching and training to encourage and foster a culture where the customer sits at the centre, and the delivery of customer value is a core principle.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time on the water fishing with his wife and two young sons – “It’s all about patience, focus and a sense of humour” – necessary ingredients for Agile Coaching at the Enterprise level.

Christian will be presenting: We made agile look hard – and why it doesn’t have to be

Christian’s talk was also included in our Lightning Talk Session 5 on 31 August, 2021