Casey Edwards


Casey Edwards is an internationally award winning Cardiac Perfusionist working at The Heart Centre for Children in Westmead, NSW. Her
highly specialised field of paediatric cardiac perfusion is practiced by less than 20 people nationwide. She is involved in researching, designing and operating complex life support systems for critically ill children in both planned heart surgeries and emergencies. She is also a member of Australia’s only paediatric liver transplant team. She is the youngest board member ever elected to the Australian Board of Cardiac Perfusion (ABCP) and also the youngest ever coordinator of the ABCP’s Autotransfusion Course, and mentor to several junior perfusionists in training.

Away from the operating room, Casey is regularly invited to present on the ways that high-pressure, high-stakes situations in the operating room manifest as case studies in management, leadership, teamwork and effective communication. She is a passionate advocate for women in STEM careers.

Casey will be presenting: Agile project management is life or death in the cardiac operating room