Ben Hogan


Ben Hogan has been helping teams grok agile and collaborate using visual management, since 2002; way before it was hip. Ben has an enduring passion for 3M products and is a veteran of introducing business agility to many environments: from product development to business operations.

Ben helps organisations achieve end-to-end business agility, from pragmatic and practical fundamentals, through to the organisational design and change leadership required for agility at enterprise scale.

Ben was once a software engineer and has experience working with leaders in finance, insurance, marketing, HR, and customer service. Ben has used Design Thinking and Systems Thinking, to create enterprise backed startups from concept to launch.

He was one of the first people to teach Kanban in Australia, and is a participant in the Kanban Leadership Retreat. Ben has spoken on Visual Management at the Scrum Australia and Agile Australia conferences, and was an invited speaker at the Agile Encore conference.


Ben will be presenting: Bringing Purpose to Life with OKRs

Ben’s also presented in our first Lightning Talk series on 1 on 14 April, 2021