Situational Scrum Mastering: What the Scrum guide didn’t tell me about leading an agile team

This session aims to raise awareness about what it takes to successfully lead a team that is trying to be Agile. Santosh will share his personal experiences about challenges he has faced, and why it’s important for an effective Scrum Master to understand what their team needs in terms of leadership before they can successfully lead a team.

According to Paul Hersey, leaders need to adapt their behavior to fit a team’s readiness. Based this readiness level, which is determined by the team’s ability and willingness, a Scrum Master can opt for Telling, Selling, Participating, and Delegating their style of leadership.

In this talk, we will dive into specific things a Scrum Master should do when leading a team that has a different level of readiness.  Ultimately, we will learn how a Scrum Master can help teams with limited confidence and abilities to become an agile team, leading them to maximise their agile-ness throughout.

If you are just starting a career as a Scrum Master are a seasoned veteran, or even an agile team member, and want to increase your understanding about leading teams that are trying to become agile, then this talk is for you.

The slides for this presentation can be accessed HERE