Test Driven Development is an engineering concept with practices that has great benefit to business. For example, if your business wants to have idealised and revered products, you will have:

  • an ability to deliver high quality products which keep up with the latest customer wishes;
  • products which are constantly updated with the latest cool features; and
  • ability to very quickly resolve any issues that do occur – and they do for even the best organisation

We will share with you why Test Driven Development is a pivotal tool in the fight to be one of those inspiring organisations. We will cover the practices at a high level and go into the outcomes of those practices. We include, not only how the business should benefit directly from them, but also how they provide indirect benefits for the team and the organisation. Every positive has some negatives, whether they are perceived or actual: long term or short term). We will touch on how they are like any form of exercise – they will be hard work at times, but afterwards the results will include fitter, stronger and faster teams able to delivery consistently better results.

As a manager or leader you will be able to walk away with insight that will enable you to determine how TDD is worth following up in your domain.

As someone within the delivery team, you will leave with deeper understanding of how you, your team and your company can effectively benefit from Test Driven Development.

Alan Taylor