Scaling agile processes to enable success and growth.

(Or it works now, will it work at scale?)

Consider your workplace. Your agile practices, your culture, your product. Many of us work in a relatively relaxed pace office. It is professional and often, highly predictable. Now imagine working in a company that is fighting internet fraudsters. Where every time you solve an immediate attack from automated bots or stop a sweatshop, a new attack vector appears. The attacks are as relentless, persistent and cunning. You are defending against an invisible enemy and they, much like the terminator… will not stop!

Now, consider how your agile processes would stack up in this kind of environment. How agile is your team really?

Jason Harwood will be sharing his experiences of entering into the startup sector to help take Arkose Lab’s existing agile processes and practices from a head count of 5, to an ever growing organisation currently nearing 100. His presentation will be about what worked, what needed to change, and how having a leadership team that desired change has enabled shipping the highest value product improvements, whilst defending our customers online businesses along the way.

Having applied Scrum and Kanban for over 10 years to the Video Games industry, the not-for-profit sector, advertising, and most recently to a small startup that is taking on the world, Jason will be discussing and sharing his experiences in helping a small startup execute and land some of the biggest clients in Silicon Valley, which has helped Arkose Labs become the most sought after internet fraud prevention solution available. Where ever there is an online economy, or a online scam opportunity there are fraudsters. Which means that each of our clients have an unique fraud problem to solve and more often than not, these unique challenges morph over time. Creating a product that not only keeps up with this moving target, but manages to keep well in front of it represents an extraordinary challenge.

The purpose of this talk will focus on how we have evolved our thinking from that of a very small startup, into a young and vibrant company that is rapidly expanding. The problems we have and the product we have put in front of it, are unique and extremely important. The mission at Arkose Labs is to stop sweatshops and bots and this talk is going to take you into this world, to consider the product, the team, the agile practices and to share our learnings from the trenches.