Purpose and passion over money and managers

Come and learn how a charity is transforming itself and the way it delivers value. Pete will tell the story of how The Smith Family, by asking for help and learning from others, has progressed in its ongoing journey towards Agility. Hear how the Agile community, through openness and offers of expertise, has assisted in that journey. Pete will describe the challenges faced, the learnings, and the outcomes realised so far.

At the end of the session, participants will have seen an example of how a rapid roll-out and adoption of Agility can be achieved through asking for help, top-down leadership support, and bottom-up embracing of uncertainty, without blowing up your budget. Additionally, they will learn how good people with purpose, a passion for the work and the mission of an organisation (along with strong advocacy, story-telling, connectedness and persistence), are keys to shifting culture toward an Agile mindset in a complex environment.