Leading transformation change whilst working within constraints

In my role as CIO, I have had to adopt a role of “leader of change”, in order to assist Flinders University leverage advancements in technology and modern day work practices. As part this role, I have been required to balance as to when to ‘push’ the organisation, and when to listen to the ‘push-back’ from the incumbent processes, roles and platforms. This requires balance to my approach.  There are advantages, such as being seen as the maverick of change, but this must be tempered, so I am not perceived as leading a rebellion and/or becoming a zealot.

My presentation explains how I traversed the political landscape of universities, including the complexity of multiple faculties, ego’s of extremely intelligent academic experts, research orientated objectives, and most importantly the expectations of the modern day student.

My goal is to provide you with guidelines, tips, tricks, and tools to help you accelerate your change ambitions within your own organisation