Integrating Feminine and Masculine Energies

for a Better (Agile) World


Let’s explore a way to deepen our Agile-Lean practice through integrating feminine and masculine energies. You heard that right! Feminine and masculine energies.  Yes, we are “going there.”

Almost 20 years into the Agile movement we see that that so many, perhaps most, Agile-Lean implementations stay on the surface. We’ve tried a lot of things to address that. We’ve even changed the word from implementation to transformation, but that hasn’t yet done the trick. In our community we hear one another decry, “They are sorta doing agile, but how do I get them to BE Agile?”

We know that if Agile says on the surface as a “thing to do” we will never get to the root of the root of the aim of Agile which is to bring in ways of working with complex and confounding circumstances.

In this keynote, Lyssa Adkins will explore the capacities of feminine energy that she believes must come online for us to go deeper than the surface-level implementations we worry about so much. This isn’t about making the feminine better than the masculine — it’s not about recapitulating the one up-one down dynamic that gets us nowhere new. It is about integrating feminine and masculine energies in ourselves individually, and as a worldwide community, to move into the deeper set of skills that must come on-line if we are to — finally — realize the full promise of Agile.