LeSS ideas that confront current organisational thinking

Large-Scale Scrum is based on several thought-provoking concepts and ideas, that challenge the existing organisational status quo. However, these challenges sometimes are met with resistance from organisations, who resist adopting the ideas from LeSS. During this session, you will learn various ideas suggested by LeSS, and why organisations resist them.

During the last several years of coaching and consulting, Venky realised several ideas from LeSS inherently challenged the status quo of current organisational design and thinking. During this talk, he would like to share his interesting findings.

Some ideas that he found profoundly challenging the current system include:

1. Owning vs Renting the idea

2. Systems Thinking over linear thinking

3. Product Definition vs projects/programs

4. Managers as teachers vs Traditional management thinking

5. Role of a PO in connecting the teams with customers

6. Decentralised coordination techniques  vs centralised meetings