How a great bunch of Hireup humans co-create a purpose-led and principles driven culture

Hireup is an NDIS-registered online platform for people with disability: to find, hire and manage support workers who fit their needs and share their interests. This clear and strong purpose provides a great base for our culture to evolve.

Nevertheless, maintaining our great culture takes effort. As a profit-for-purpose organisation, our purpose is integral to our existence; it is vital for us to keep it in sight. Our People and Culture team ensures that our people are supported: from recruitment to fond farewell. We foster a strong connection to self and encourage people to connect to their intrinsic motivations, purposes and values. We believe that people who feel connected to what they do, care about doing great work.

We will give you the opportunity to try some of the activities that we use within our teams, to foster connection to self. We will also share stories of team and company-wide initiatives that have worked for us.  You will learn how Agile Coaches join forces with the People and Culture team, to champion Hireup’s purpose-led culture across the organisation. Story-telling is an important part of our culture. Our leadership team is not afraid to share stories that show their vulnerability. Telling our stories and those of our users helps us to foster empathy and remain focused to our mission. These are the real stories, collected along the way while tweaking the way we work and remaining aligned to our purpose:

– Stories about how we are aligned to our purpose, starting with the way we recruit people to join us;

– How People and Culture are embedded in our teams and how we coach each other;

– How the partnership between Product and People & Culture creates an environment for Scrum teams to thrive;

– Fostering a creative environment; and

– The way we approach our community of Support Workers

Starting with a blank slate and a good base still doesn’t make it easy.  The sense of purpose that starts from the CEO and permeates to the team on the ground, allows for people with disabilities to be autonomous and in control.

We hope that sharing our experience of consciously aligning to our purpose and creating Hireup’s culture will motivate and inspire you.