Failagility The Business of Imperfection

Some organisations, by now, have spent millions in their multiple failed attempts at agile; rollouts that only created bitter leaders and jaded team members, instead of more value. People are left scratching their heads, wondering why the “transformation project” didn’t work?

To increase our levels of resilience, we must continue moving forward and resist the pressure of past process/roles. The Failagility journey utilises learning, self realisation and organisational adaptiveness; to help you both build the capability to see the future destination of the organisation, and cultivate a path to get there.   Don’t view the use of our term “Failagility” as a new end state, post-agile era, or agile 2.0.  Rather, view it as the attitude and practice necessary to remain responsive to change; retaining the agility to adapt as needed/defined by the environment.

Failagility starts with the acceptance that nothing is perfect: not you, me, our products, or our business. Yet, we have to thrive despite that imperfection. Therefore, we must learn from and adapt to failure, as failure surrounds us.

This workshop will unpack failure for you, through a selection of guided exercises that you may apply personally and for your organisation.