In order to set the Guinness World Record for the Deepest Dive by a Woman I had to do more than find a new way, I had to change how I thought about myself and the world. This shift out of who I thought I was into someone totally foreign to me (but who was also me) is the shift that Agile teams are under going, because it takes more than a new process to create change. It takes a new way of using that process to create true Agility.

We have been taught that who we are is who we are, it can’t change. Well, I am living proof that isn’t quite true We are also told that changing behaviour takes therapy and psychology. It is hard, so we focus on process and forget about the people who use the processes. One of the leading banks in South Africa took training and specifically training to create behavior shifts a step further and created an initiative that proved people can and do change (in 3 days) with their Servant Leadership Workshop.

Using double loop learning, teams were exposed to a new way of thinking that supported a new way of behaving and it worked – people started to show up differently and expect leadership to show up differently. The banks culture started to shift dramatically & Agile started to grow.

This talk outlines one way to create a space where people at all levels of an organisation can shift out of old ways of thinking and behaving into servant leadership and autonomy.

Verna van Schaik