Embrace the Storm, unlocking your organisations agility by harnessing the turbulence of Agile transformations

A storm is defined as a disturbance of the atmosphere or the state of an environment, and life brings them in many forms and sizes. Some bring significant disruptions to normal conditions, while others destroy the existing structures and force a rebuilding. As humans we will experience various storms throughout our lives, with the aim of surviving them all.

We are so used to the occurrence of storms that preparing for them has become second nature. We have the technology available to us to help predict them, their size and intensity, so we know what to expect and plan accordingly. Best practices exist to manage the storms. However with climate change, it feels like there are more ‘freak’ one in a 100 year occurrences happening, which take everyone by surprise. The best practices lead to chaos. What’s the future going to hold and what can we learn today to in order to build our resilience for future storms? Do we reflect the shifting environment into our existing practices?

How do we apply these learnings from our life to an Agile transformation of an organisation?

On the horizon, a cyclone is growing in intensity and heading towards your organisation: to disrupt the existing paradigms. Everyone is scared and uncertain of what will survive, or will need to be rebuilt after the agile transformation has hit. What do we need to do to prepare for the transformation? How are we going to work together to build our resilience in the chaos of the cyclone?

How do organisations embrace the storm?

The slides for this presentation can be accessed HERE