Disruption is a word that has embedded itself in common leadership parlance.  If your organisation’s agile teams are not creating disruption, then they are being disrupted and have to respond to the change created by others.  Some would argue that if a team isn’t creating disruption, then that team isn’t a “real” agile team.

So why is it that some teams are more disruptive than others even when they follow the same agile principles and practices?

In this talk, we will dive into what makes a team disruptive, how to maximise disruption and how the ScrumMaster can facilitate and guide teams to higher levels of disruption. One of the key attributes of a leader is to lead by example: I will give you some of the basic areas of focus to build your capacity for future disruption .

If you are a ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Digital Leader or agile team member and want to evolve to higher levels of disruption, then this talk is for you.

James Brett