Design in Scrum Teams

We’ve gone to many conferences, invested in training, read the Scrum Guide and followed the Heart of Agile.  Yet, within our company we were still finding that our teams were having challenges operating as a cross-functional team, particularly when Design and User Experience (UX) was required.

We recognised that it adds complexity when trying to deliver design and UX in a project, while simultaneously delivering the technical requirements from within a single Product Backlog.  However, despite our best efforts, the team kept telling us that the textbook way of delivering Scrum ‘wasn’t working’.

Taking this feedback on from the team, we set-off to adapt our ways of working.  After a series of internal workshops and launching experiments within our Scrum Teams, we’d now like to share with you how we overcame this challenge, and will highlight some of the key learnings and failure points we experienced along the way.