Changing the way we change

– leveraging a combination of Lean, Design, and Scrum to facilitate a large scale process transformation

Lean & Agile have a shared orientation towards customer centricity, respect for people, and continuous improvement. When applied with the right intention to the appropriate context, both domains complement each other exceptionally well in solving complex business problems effectively and sustainably. Aginic and Nik Ilich from Fire & Flint collaborated in driving a principles-first approach to iteratively designing and implementing a transformative future state service onboarding journey for clients of Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA). Through a hybrid of lean & agile thinking, the team worked closely with key representatives of CPA, sharing the driver’s seat, to pragmatically deconstruct and deliver a vision for the future with strong agile-delivery foundations underpinning its execution.

The slides for this presentation can be accessed HERE