To energise our Scrum community after a tumultuous 2020, we are offering a series of virtual, lunchtime Lightning Talks, whilst we source new dates and a venue within which we can hold the physical Scrum Australia 2020/21 conference.

Many of our speakers have kindly offered to present an abridged version of their presentation, so you may get a taste of what will be on offer at the Regional Scrum Gathering® Melbourne 2021 (later in the year).  We are also open to other members of our community speaking, so if you have a topic you think might be of interest, please email our team with a synopsis.

Our Silver Sponsor Telstra®, has offered their platform and infrastructure to power this way forward.  Their Team host Telstra’s regular Unconference®, and have kindly helped us to create some engaging 90 minute events.  Each event includes 3 presentations of approximately 20 minutes each (plus a small Q&A time).  We are hoping this will get us talking about the best ways to engage teams as we begin to return to the workplace.

All events are free – so do not miss out on this opportunity and REGISTER NOW #

We will be having a break in September and October to homeschool, but hope to have new dates for you shortly.

# the link will be emailed to you on the morning of the event.  Please check your spam folder if it is not available by 9:30am.  Otherwise, please contact Kaz and the link will be resent to you.