Regional Scrum Gathering® Melbourne 2020/21 is currently organising new dates,

so we’ve organised a little something to keep you energised – LIGHTNING TALKS !!


After rescheduling twice, we thought Scrum Australia 2020/21 might actually take place, however COVID struck again! Our venue (Bayside Eden) advised us in February that they had been commandeered by the Victorian Government for COVID-related purposes for at least the next 6 months; commencing immediately. All bookings (including ours) were cancelled.  We made the decision not to fix new dates (or a venue) until Quarter 4 of 2021, when things settle down a bit.

However, to keep our community energised, we a running a series of Lightning Talks.   Many of our speakers (and a couple of extras) have kindly offered to present an abridged version of their presentation, so you may get a taste of what will be on offer at the Regional Scrum Gathering® Melbourne 2021 (later in the year).

Our new Silver Sponsor Telstra®, has offered their platform and infrastructure to power this way forward.  Their Team, who host Telstra’s regular Unconference®, will be helping us to create some engaging 90 minute events.  Each event includes 3 presentations of approximately 20 minutes each (plus a small Q&A time).  We are hoping this will get us talking about the best ways to engage teams as we begin to return to the workplace.

The first 2 events are free and we have a capacity of 1,000 spaces, so do not miss out on this opportunity and REGISTER NOW #

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Networking Galore

Are you’re looking to hire new staff and want the best in the industry?  You could be the one looking for a change in employer, but want to meet the company face to face? Or, do you just want to network with like-minded Agile and Scrum enthusiasts?

Well, Scrum Australia has it all!  Our conferences have representatives from all industries: governmental and private, large and small, national and international.  Our Jobs Board enables you to seek new staff or promote yourself to new employers.  It’s free for all attendees.

Our job is to bring you together: the rest is up to you.

Fantastic Sponsors

Our sponsors all have one thing in common: they are passionate about Scrum and the our community!  We’ve had many sponsors return to sponsor us again and again. Our sponsors are not just a name and a logo.  They are people, and it is those people who enrich our conference.

If you’re interested in sponsoring, please contact Kaz for a prospectus via our Contact Us page, or at


Warm, welcoming & nurturing atmosphere

Our conferences assemble participants from across the globe, yet are small enough that everyone’s contribution is valued: from practitioners who have had years of experience, to people experiencing Scrum for the first time.

Our Scrum Australia team are there to welcome you and help you with any queries you may have; both on the day and by emailing Kaz, our event organiser.

At Scrum Australia, we want you to learn, to teach and, most of all to enjoy yourself!


Quality Keynote Speakers

Quality keynote speakers are one of the biggest draw-cards to the Scrum Australia Gatherings. In the past we have hosted some of the world’s most recognised authorities in Scrum and Agile: Christopher Avery, Steve Denning, Kenny Ruben and Stacia Heimgartner-Viscadi (who is returning as a presenter for 2021!). In 2021 we have the pleasure of Lyssa Adkins, Andrea Tomasini and our very own Matiu Bush joining us a keynote speaker

Superior Sessions & Workshops

Our presenters hail both from Australia and around the globe.  Their contribution brings a breadth of knowledge and experience to our sessions and workshops, that sets us apart from many other local conferences. We have proudly ignited the speaking career of many a practitioner.

Coaches’ Clinic

We provide a Coaches Clinic that offers participants complimentary coaching with experienced Scrum coaches: sourced from our participants, sponsors and speakers. Our experienced facilitator will aim match you with the coach best suited to your needs.  For more on Coaches’ Clinic please see here.

Open Space

Open Space is a self-organising session where participants work together to create their own schedule. Open Space gives you the opportunity to propose topics that you and your fellow Scrum-ites can explore in a open and relaxed environment.  For more on What is Open Space, see here.