A Coaches Clinic is a service for Scrum Gathering participants to get help from experienced coaches. Volunteer coaches are recruited from our conference speakers and organisers. Participants can then sign up as coachees for short sessions with a coach. The service is available for the duration of the Gathering and is provided by matching coachees with a coach that best suits their needs.

Each appointment lasts from 15-30 minutes.

To sign up, come to the Coaches Clinic and our clinic facilitator, Renae Craven from Innodev, will match you with the best coach for your needs. Our Coaches Clinic sign up board will be near the Registration/Information desk on the Ground Floor. You can choose to meet up anywhere in the venue, however if you’d like to avail yourself of our flipcharts and some privacy, you may use the SCG Room on Level 1.

The profiles of our Coaches can be found on our website.

Coaches Clinic is a great opportunity for people to meet and learn from each other to address real work challenges.

Also see a short video on Coaches Clinic below: