The Responsibility Process® Leading and Coaching Workshop

Melbourne Workshop: September 19th Sydney Workshop: September 25th


Scrum Australia is delighted to present “The Responsibility Guy” himself – Christopher Avery – not only as one of our keynote speakers, but leading workshops for the first time ever in Australia.

Christopher is a reformed management consultant who now frees people from the shackles of “coping” and the low performance state of “obligation” to take ownership and exert the power of choice. He is the author of the teamwork classic Teamwork Is An Individual Skill and more recently The Responsibility Process based on 25 years of applied research on responsibility-taking and leadership.

Would you like to respond better when things go wrong?

Is responsibility taking or ownership an issue in your workplace?

The Responsibility Process® provides a framework for individuals, teams, and organisations to learn the discipline of better handling the challenges in our work and our lives. This discipline is fundamental to leadership, teamwork and building better relationships.

Whilst The Responsibility Process has been very popular with savvy Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters internationally, it is far more widely applicable than within the Agile community. Executives, managers, HR professionals and anyone who has shared work tasks with others can benefit from applying The Responsibility Process every day. A bonus is that you will find this beneficial to your relationship with your spouse and family as well!

One day workshops on The Responsibility Process will be held in Sydney and Melbourne during September and tickets are now on sale. For anyone interested in becoming a trainer in The Responsibility Process, Train-the-Trainer workshops will also be available.