Stacia Viscardi

Stacia Viscardi

Stacia Viscardi is an agile coach, Certified Scrum Trainer and organizational transformation guide. In 2003 she became the 67th Certified ScrumMaster, and ended up loving Scrum and agile practices so much that she founded AgileEvolution in 2006, to help other companies leverage agile principles and practices for greater business agility.

Co-author of the Software Project Manager’s Bridge to Agility and author of The Professional ScrumMaster’s HandbookStacia has taught Agile in 17 countries, is active in the ScrumAlliance and is a trusted community advisor. Through passionate teaching and coaching, she has helped companies like Cisco Systems, Martha Stewart Living, Primavera, DoubleClick, Google, Razorfish, MyPublisher, Washington Post, Viacom, Bloomberg and many others find their way to agility. When she is not doing Agile stuff, she can be found in a barn, caring for her horses and learning dressage. 


How to succeed at failure 3.0


Don’t fear failure – embrace it! After many failures, Stacia Viscardi is happy to share her thoughts on how to leverage failure for improvement for individuals, teams, and organizations.