Interview with Timothy Browne: CEO of Innodev Pty Ltd

 What was your motivation for Sponsoring Scrum Australia 2017?

“This was an easy decision for me to make, as it was derived from within the team and with the support of our people and our customers. Investment into such a recognised community event is an exciting opportunity for Innodev. How could I say no? “ 

What is Innodev’s background?

“Innodev is a consulting company who have been operating for 10 years.  From the beginning, we have delivered agile projects with an agile mindset, and over the last few years have expanded our services to providing consulting and coaching to our customers. ” 

What is the word from your Customers on Scrum and Agile ?

“We are getting more and more requests to deliver projects by bridging the gap between the traditional silos of a company. Each organisation is asking how value is being created, so we are assisting to align capability and process in support of a faster time-to-market and their need become more adaptive. Agile and Scrum is the way in which we achieve this.” 

Where do you see Innodev in the next 5 years ?

“Innodev intends to lead by example, in becoming a Digital Business to support our national expansion into the eastern states. We want to be known as a team who works with our customers to deliver outcomes end-to-end, and through this experience generate insight through capturing new information and integrating disparate systems into a single platform.” 

What is the thing you are most looking forward to at Scrum Australia 2017?

“I personally feel that the programme that has been put together is excellent and will advance the knowledge of everyone intending, including myself. I am finding that such community based conferences provide an insight into the future of work and give you a sense of how that will occur through the conference experience.  As with every Digital Initiative, it is all about the deeper connections you can make, so please come and visit our booth.”